• I really don’t like webmail!
  • It frustrate, confuses, and distracts me!
  • I like dedicated mail clients!

Since something got deprecated somewhere, and someone doesn’t want to do X because of Y, theres only one specific way to set up institutional email on Linux, no more IMAP, no more POP; and this method is via Exchange Web Services. Theres a more informational and less ranty account here.

  • On GNOME: yay -S evolution evolution-ews
  • On KDE: yay -S kmail kmailtransport kmail-account-wizard mbox-importer akonadi-import-wizard

Evolution (GNOME Project email client)

  • Add an account with type EWS
  • Include ‘Username’ in username@domain.ac.uk format
  • Set ‘Host URL’ to https://outlook.office365.com/ews/exchange.asmx
  • Don’t click ‘Fetch URL’
  • Do not collect $200, and do not pass GO
  • Set ‘Authentication’ to OAuth2
  • Override settings
  • Check ‘Use protocol version 2.0’
  • Click ‘OK’

KMail (KDE Plasma email client)

  • I gave up on KDE
  • It’s really ugly
  • Cluttered base UI