Sam Bilbow, PhD

XR and Audio Software Developer


I am an XR and Audio software developer based in Norwich. My current research is in computational art and music, collaborative augmented reality, and multi-sensory displays for human-computer interaction. I was awarded my Ph.D in Music Technologies (with a focus on Augmented Reality) in 2023.

recent news 📢

Feb 16, 2024 📰 My Ph.D. thesis has been published
Nov 17, 2023 🎓 I passed my PhD Viva with minor corrections!
Apr 15, 2023 New website launch
Apr 14, 2023 Now a Project North Star community moderator!
Mar 12, 2023 🎉 Our NIME23 workshop was accepted!
Mar 8, 2023 🎓 My viva will be on the 27th of April! Postponed due to strikes.
Feb 8, 2023 🖌️ Postdoc project coMuse starts today!
Dec 22, 2022 😅 I submitted my PhD thesis today

blog posts 🖋️

new writing 🧻

  1. 2024-thesis.png
    Material, Embodied, and Spatial Relations in Augmented Reality: An Exploration of AR as a Medium for Musical Composition and Performance
    Sam Bilbow
    Doctoral Thesis, University of Sussex, Feb 2024
  2. 2023-nime.png
    Mixed Realities as NIMEs
    Sam Bilbow, and Yichen Wang
    In NIME 2023 Workshop Proceedings, Jun 2023
  3. 2022-nime.png
    Evaluating Polaris~ - An Audiovisual Augmented Reality Experience Built on Open-Source Hardware and Software
    Sam Bilbow
    In NIME 2022, Jun 2022