c++ with juce

Developing in modern C++ with the JUCE Framework


Inspired by the recent release of Animoog Galaxy, a spatial AR instrument developed by Moog for the Apple Vision Pro, I’ve picked up JUCE as a framework (which I assume it uses) for developing audio applications in XR. Here I will keep devblogs and any useful information I pick up along the way for developing in C++ with JUCE. I don’t have an Apple Vision Pro, but I recently attained a Lynx R-1.

The Animoog Galaxy app

JUCE, coMuse, and Godot

JUCE provides a great framework for building audio applications, and could be the ideal audio backend for coMuse, a work-in-progress project that will enable musicians to develop, design, play, compose, and perform novel and experimental instruments in AR in real time, and collaboratively. It builds on findings in polaris~ and polygons~.

JUCE + Blender + Godot + Monado = Open Source XR Fun on the Lynx-R1?

Development blogs