Node Necklace

8 Channel Guitar / Gesture Installation (August 2019)

This is a 360 / ambisonic video. that means that as long as you are viewing on desktop, you can drag the video around in 3 dimensions and hear the sound pan around you. wear headphones for best results.

This essay aims to explore the mobilisation of agency in three parties in the context of a sonic art installation — the Node Necklace. The Node Necklace is a generative, interactive, 8 channel audio installation built in Max MSP and Arduino. It uses methods of abstraction, pseudo-randomness and latency to effectively ‘black box’ interactions thus blurring the lines of agency between the participants, the system, and myself as a performer. In this essay I will use Bruno Latour’s actor-network theory and Katja Kwastek’s classification of actors in interactive media art: the artist, the recipient and the technical system, to posit that all three have the ability to act with agency within the Node Necklace, and within the broader scope of computational art.